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New three platforms of the auto industryNew three platforms of the auto industry
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New three platforms of the auto industry
Define 3 platforms to contribute to the further development of the auto industry.
platforms of the auto industry
Our business
Consulting for auto industry
For projects of automotive makers, suppliers, companies with "new goods / technologies / services", we provide specialized consulting.
Based on the needs of the industry trends, we support development, scouting, projecting and implementation of new entrants and companies from development to mass production.
Operating membership portal site for auto industry
Information sharing between members and contents that inform development and interest of the automotive industry and other mobility. By doing so, we disseminate the industry trends for future development of automotive industry, active generation and next generation.
Message from CEOMessage from CEO
Nowadays, auto industry is in a period of big change once in 100 years.
In such a trend, this industry has been trying to create a new value.
Our life is going to be much more safe, comfortable and attractive.
We should always appeal the thinking something new, and need to take an action in order to gain the value.
Our company is not just offering consulting; moreover, we also want to contribute to the society and auto industry continuously.
First Approach Corporation
CEO Tsutomu Ishikura
Message from CEO
We have opened our homepage.
Consulting for auto industryConsulting for auto industry
Operating membership portal site for auto industryOperating membership portal site for auto industry
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